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Today’s Gratitude: Peace of Mind


I just voted and I already feel a tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders. One thing I learned from working in crisis intervention was that when we are in crisis and the brain is not “in equilibrium,” so to speak, making a decision in and of itself can resolve the crisis. In other words, the process of making a decision often feels more stressful than the actual decision, even if the decision we make is the wrong one or leads to more stress in the long run.

I do feel that I made the best decision I could, and truthfully, it was a decision that I made in my head a long time ago, but I didn’t get to act on it until today. I know a lot of Americans have felt stressed and out of sync lately, and with the exception of those who voted early, today is the one day we get to really, truly, take action about it. That is a beautiful thing, because it puts the control back in our hands. Obviously I will be watching with baited breath to see the outcome, but for me personally, I feel a great sense of relief in knowing that I put in as much effort as I could to make the most informed decision I could, and that there is nothing further I can do. I am also grateful for the opportunity to play my own very small part, and grateful for the women who fought so hard for suffrage so that I am able to have my own very small piece of democracy.

What are you grateful for?

Daily Gratitude: Mondays

Okay, I know. Appreciation for bad weather is one thing, but being thankful for Mondays is just blasphemy. Truth be told, I don’t like Mondays any more than anyone else does. In fact, I may like them even less, since I work with clients with mental disabilities and schedule changes, like the weekend, can be confusing for them.

I was thinking, though, that Mondays are special not so much because of what they are, but because of who we are. On Mondays, we are our bravest. We face down our week, reluctantly, but confidently. We look it in the eyes and say, “I got this.” Mondays are the day we get to strap on a metaphorical sword and show our mettle. Life is often hardest on Mondays, which is why I believe that Monday is the day we are truly living on the edge, and thus are the most alive. So go on, you rock star, you, and get out there. You got this.

What are you grateful for?

Daily Gratitude: Yucky Weather


It is such a beautiful day today where I live. The air outside is apple crisp, the mountains are painted red, orange, and green, and a light breeze is making the fallen leaves dance, as if they are enjoying the weather, too.

I was going to write about how grateful I was for beautiful weather. But then, I thought, I wouldn’t have appreciated a day like today if it weren’t for the bad weather we had been having: the unusually hot days for late fall, or the torrents of rain, or the week the temperature randomly dipped and it was super cold. Every day has its own special gift, but if every day were just as beautiful as today, I wouldn’t appreciate a day like today for what it is. So today, I am thankful for all the yucky days that made me sit back today, take a deep breath, drink some eggnog, andĀ enjoy.

What are you grateful for?

Daily Gratitude: Imagination


Today I am grateful for imagination. Isn’t it a beautiful thing? It allows us to go beyond the now and to ask so many amazing questions: What if? What could be? Can it happen? Is it possible? I wonder why?

Without imagination, we would probably all be sitting in caves somewhere. We would have never thought to pick up a tool or stand on our hind legs. Perhaps we wouldn’t be able to dream at all. Imagination, in essence, is what makes us who we are, and I am so grateful to have it.

What are you grateful for?

Daily Gratitude: My Dog


I’m a few days late, but since gratitude is such an important part of happiness, and since I am terrible at practicing intentional gratitude, I’ve decided to start a gratitude series for November.

Today, I’m grateful for my dog. He let me dress him up as “Bark Vader” for Halloween, and even though he was clearly uncomfortable, he took the whole thingĀ very seriously and stood perfectly still, letting me take as many pictures as I wanted. No worries; he was generously rewarded afterwards. I would love my dog even if he was bad and he got into things and was disobedient, but the fact that he is willing to work with me and play along with my silly antics makes me love him even more. Plus, snuggles. They’re just the best.

What are you grateful for?

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