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Daily Gratitude: Tea


Today, I am grateful for tea. It gets me up in the morning. It is soothing and warm and simple. It doesn’t make me jittery and it doesn’t make me crash. It is good for my body. It’s the perfect compliment to any breakfast and the perfect passenger for a morning commute. Tea is a quiet ritual that lets me start any day with a moment of peace.

What are you grateful for?

(Not So) Guilty Pleasures

I am dreaming of indulgence today. Here is what I am dreaming of:

  • Fresh vegetables with flavors that tingle on the tongue.
  • A long, invigorating walk full of the damp smell of early morning.
  • The zinging joy of a smart choice, a good investment, a brave resolution.
  • The peace of five minutes alone with your own breath.
  • The thrill of a good bargain thoughtfully purchased.
  • A steaming hot bubble bath that soaks into your bones.
  • The laughter of a child as you play with them.
  • An act of kindness with no reward but your feeling of wholeness.
  • Rich hot tea with just a touch of cream.
  • The serenity of a room arranged in a whole new way.
  • The pride of a small accomplishment.

Being good to yourself isn’t a sacrifice. It’s an indulgence. And it’s one you can give yourself every single day

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