I’m in no way fashion-forward, but I do sometimes think there is a certain common sense to knowing what is objectively considered beautiful or flattering. I think there can even be a case made for knowing what is stylish, and knowing the difference between what is stylish and what is flattering. But, I think there is also a time and place for abandoning the rules for the sake of things we love. So here are four very ugly things I own that I just LOVE.

  • My glasses. Stylish? Yes. Flattering? Not so much. They distract from my eyes and make my nose look bigger. But I just LOVE them. I love wearing them. I feel very chic. I am also taking advantage of geek chic being a thing, considering I am a geek (or really a nerd) whether or not it is “trending.” Added bonus: they are healthier for my eyes and make my morning routine easier than wearing contacts every day.

  • My Miche Bag. Remember these infomercials about the purse with the interchangeable cover? Well, I bought one. In my husband’s words, “It just looks… weird.” But I love it! I had kind of forgotten about it, but re-discovered it recently and bought a new cover.

  • My “librarian sweater.” This sweater was my mom’s, which means I have been coveting its ugliness for about twelve years now. It is super comfy, great to throw on over something, and I love the soft colors. Maybe I won’t see it on Pinterest any time soon, but love how I feel when I wear it.

  • My “sparkle shoes.” Sure, they have great shape, but they look like a bedazzler was left in the hands of an over-zealous middle-school girl scout. Aren’t they fun, though? They are really the only “bling” I own, and they make me very happy.

At the end of the day, I just want to wear things that make me feel good. Sometimes, that means those things flatter my shape or my coloring. Sometimes, though, things make me feel good because they are fun or because they speak to an aspect of my personality. So, as long as they add a bit of ‘sparkle’ to my life, I will wear them, whether or not they are considered to be beautiful.

Is there anything you have that is objectively “ugly” but that you love?