Below I’ve archived some of my favorite posts, sorted by topic. Have fun on your reading adventure!

Wellness Spells: New Perspectives on Wellness

“Is This Normal?”

When Our Choices Aren’t Clear

My Favorite Wellness Resources

Inner Dialogue Mindfulness

Elitism and Wellness Trends

One Small Step

Enchanted Spaces: Re-imagining Space and Home 

The Guilt Box: Minimalism and Baggage

Living Room Reveal

Bedroom Reveal

Little Life Charms: Simple Hacks to Make Every Day Easier

Add Some Magic to Your Day

Three Word-Swap Charms to Change Your Life

(Not So) Guilty Pleasures

Rules of a Read-In

Investment with a Twist

How to Get the Most out of Your Holiday Gifts

Minimalism and Little Treasures

Enchanted Living: Thoughts on Living an Enchanted Life

A Week of No Magic Fixes

What is Enchantment?

Is ‘Enchantment’ Anti-Intellectualist? 

Work Charms Series: Tips for Making the Workday Easier

Taking the ‘Hustle’ out of a Side-Hustle: Work Charms Series

5 Tips to Start the Work Day Right: Work Charms Series

5 Commuting Tips: Work Charms Series

Imaginative Outlooks: Thoughts on Happiness and Imagination

Six Myths About Happiness Explained

Optimism Do’s and Don’ts

Four Ugly Things


Happy Travels

Fighting Monsters: Darkness, Sadness, and Overcoming

I Was Blamed for Having Depression

Philosophy of Mistakes

When Life is Not Enchanting

Let Your Bodies Work Their Magic

Creatures and Happiness: Fantasy Beasts and What they Teach Us

Stacey and the Quest for the Unicorn Elixir




Creatures and Happiness: Gumiho

Creatures and Happiness: Zombies

Enchanted Reading: Coming soon!

Investment Charms Series: Ways to Invest and Live Life to the Fullest

New Year’s Resolution: Investing with a Twist

Investing in Being a Good Citizen (Investment Charms Series)

Investing in Rest (Investment Charms Series)

Investing in Helpful Thoughts (Investment Charms Series)

Investing in Decisions (Investment Charm Series)

Objects and Happiness Series: Coming soon!

Reviews: Weighing in on Fantasy and Psychology Resources and Events

Review: Roanoke Harry Potter Festival

Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Off the Beaten Path: Unrelated Topics

If You Care About Your Daughter (Transgender Bathrooms and Other Issues)

Daily Gratitude: Integrity