to-do list magic fix

I am currently tackling a few projects that I have been putting off for a while because they are just not fun. Stuff like getting a part fixed on a car that can only be done at a dealership I don’t like, selling furniture that will probably involve some bartering and negotiating, changing a medication that will involve side effects, confronting someone about something I’ve been putting off. In short, stuff I absolutely HATE to do.

I am normally a huge fan of re-framing things, changing my perception of things so the not-fun tasks are more fun. But, sometimes that kind of over-thinking leads to postponing things if we can’t find a way to re-frame them. And then we get to my current situation, where the to-do list of icky stuff is piled a mile high. So, instead of finding a magic fix, I’m just going to grit my teeth and do one thing a day this week.

Magic fixes are great, but sometimes they can make things more complicated, or even be used against us. That magic health food fix will never compare to a whole foods plant-based diet. The magic sleeping pill or the super-caffeinated drink might be needed on occasion, but maintaining a balanced sleep schedule (if possible) is probably the healthier option. And those magical discounts, if not for things we really need, just mean spending more money.

So, this week, I am trying to keep an eye peeled for the ways in which magic fixes actually bring us down, rather than how they raise us up. It should be an interesting change.

Have you ever had a magic fix that went awry?