This week, a lot of us will be traveling to visit family. Travel can be stressful during the best of times. During the holidays it can be a nightmare. I have a few suggestions as to how to make the trip a little more enchanted.

  • Start before you leave. Plan ahead. Pack only what you know you will need. Take your time. Take a little breather once you have finished packing so you won’t  start your travels feeling rushed.
  • Practice mindfulness. Try to be present. Notice the scenery around you. What would you do differently if you were driving or riding or flying for the sheer enjoyment of it rather than as a means to get from here to there?
  • Use the opportunity. Is there a book you have been wanting to read or listen to on tape? Maybe a favorite magazine you don’t usually indulge in? An album of holiday music to put you in the mood?
  • Look for opportunities to practice kindness. If you are looking at big crowds and long lines during your travel, perhaps the opportunity will arise to give someone a hand, hold a door, give a smile, or strike up a nice conversation with the person waiting next to you.
  • Remember gratitude. It’s not always easy during this stressful time, and it is certainly okay if you are feeling stressed as well, but you may find that practicing a little gratitude can lift your mood. Maybe for you it is gratitude for the meaning behind the holiday you are celebrating, or the opportunity to spend time with loved ones, or simply having the means to travel.

What do you do to make your holiday season a little more enchanted?