Yesterday, I was one of the people reported as deceased on Facebook and my page was briefly memorialized. Apparently, this was due to a glitch in Facebook’s programming. Some people found it funny, but I found it disturbing for two reasons:

First, because I knew that Facebook friends can report you as deceased and I fully believed that something about the election I had said had caused someone to lash out in a very cruel way, and I was extremely upset and hurt.

Second, because as I mentioned in a prior post, I am still waiting on the results of an important medical test, and while it’s far from imminently life or death, seeing “Remembering Stacey… We hope people who love Stacey will find comfort in the things others share to remember and celebrate her life” was…disturbing. It was certainly an odd way to end a very upsetting week.

Today, though, I’ve had a lot of perspective on a lot of things. I am alive. That’s a good thing. I am driven to try to live the fullest, most honorable life I can. That’s also a good thing thing. I still have the chance to see Hamilton live and get one of those German advent calendars with the little chocolates in each window and wear that pretty turquoise dress I keep putting off wearing because it hasn’t been right for any outing this year and figure out why the restaurant down the street stopped giving out the yummy appetizer crisps and asking them where I can get some because they were my favorite part of the whole meal.

So, maybe digitally dying was the best thing to happen to me this week. It reminded me to live.